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Drive 0

Published September 2023
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COADY Architects present at the Drive 0 conference ‘Accelerating Deep Energy Retrofit in Housing through Modular and Circular Solutions’

It was fantastic to showcase our key learnings from the Drive 0 EU H2020 demonstrator case for Ireland through presentations and site visits.

The sessions presented the demonstrator case from architectural (COADY Architects), manufacturer (Vision Built & SISK) and research (TU Dublin) perspectives discussing key challenges and lessons learned in developing modular retrofit construction solutions while integrating principles of circularity. Notably, the team adopted advanced Design for Disassembly (DfD) and bio-based materials, both very new to the Irish construction industry. Colleagues from Estonia (Talltech) reported how they are progressing from demonstrators to a larger scale initiatives via a particular government funding support programme. Some barriers and lessons learned included the below:

  • Local materials are scarce for a multitude of reasons.
  • Point cloud and verticality surveys identified a 27mm tolerance in the surface of the existing front wall, an issue which was realised and overcome through full scale mock-ups.
  • No scaffolding was needed to the front of the house where the prefabricated 2D panels were used, as opposed to full scale scaffold on the sides and rear where EWI was used.
  • Planning permission is a key part of legislation which needs to be unlocked for significant progress of similar systems.
  • Collaboration between modular manufacturers, material manufacturers, government and designers is required to come to an agreeable scope for circularity, retrofit and modular construction which can be easily and confidently certified by all parties to be in line with new, approved standards.

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